Not only do we provide so much more than audio production services, we aid artist in their improvement. Our mission is to help both amateur and established artists to evolve and improve their musical persona by providing a complete range of music production services that will get their music in the most desired form and with a bit more enhancement.

Regardless of your musical career stage, we have deciphered new ways we could meet within your musical journey.:


Are you a producer or a songwriter? Do you probably own a home studio that you record and produce your own music with? Do you need those songs to be modern and become a polished sound? Please check out our online professional mixing and mastering services page and send us your multitrack session of your song for a quotation;
Radio Ready

What We Do

Our talented team of music producers and songwriters are willing to take up any challenge that comes with music production, from cinematic orchestral music to dubstep remixes. We are associated with the best local instrument players and remotely with session players all over the world. We will deliver whatever you need according to your prescription, being it recording a real string section, funky guitar licks or …Peruvian instruments! We own the best virtual instruments and effects and a first tier workstations that flawlessly maintain even the most cpu intensive scoring sessions or heavy mixing and mastering.


As a singer, songwriter, producer or even a label representative and you are interested in a remix for your single that you want to get to new listeners- check our remixing page and you have your radio edit version remixer to other musical genres.


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